Shideh Dashti

shideh image2The overarching goals of Professor Dashti’s research team are first, to examine technical topics relating to Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and second, to promote multidisciplinary and global approaches to engineering using innovative knowledge dissemination tools and information technology. Professor Dashti’s research team works toward: 1) developing a unified observational, experimental, numerical, and statistical approach to more reliably and holistically evaluate and mitigate the liquefaction hazard in urban areas; 2) disseminating this knowledge through direct community and student engagement; and 3) growing an urban engineering curriculum that helps retain a diverse group of students who can tackle the interdisciplinary and global challenges facing our societies. Visit her faculty webpage here.

Professor Dashti’s existing research projects involve topics related to:

  1. Seismic Response of Shallow Underground Structures in Dense Urban Environments via Centrifuge and Numerical Modeling (National Science Foundation; collaboration with University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, ARUP San Francisco, Japan E-Defense)
  2. Seismic Response of Buried Water Reservoir Structures via Centrifuge Modeling (Los Angeles Department of Water and Power)
  3. Performance of Buildings on Liquefiable Soils and the Effectiveness of Remediation Strategies (National Science Foundation; collaboration with Professor Abbie Liel)
  4. Evaluating and Mitigating Urban Liquefaction (National Science Foundation)
  5. The Interdependence of Built, Social, and Information Infrastructures for Community Resilience: A Participatory Process (National Science Foundation; collaboration with Professors Abbie Liel, Amy Javernick-Will, Leysia Palen, Leah Sprain)