Karl Linden

Overall Description: Professor Linden’s group does research in environmental engineering, focusing on water treatment and sanitation both in developed and developing community contexts. Problems we have worked on include innovative methods for reuse of impaired waters including wastewater from municipal, industrial and oil and gas exploration sources, developing non-chemical water treatment technologies for small systems, and novel solar-based sanitation solutions for the developing world and extreme environments.

We have a rich history of work with ultraviolet light and oxidation-based technologies with a focus on remediating both chemical contamination and microbial pathogens in water. Early stage technology development is laboratory scale with pilot and field testing for more mature innovations. Visit his group website here.

Possible Projects
• Water, Sanitation and Hygiene within developing communities [Bielefeldt, Summers, Javernick-Will]
• Point of use treatment for household and individual safe water [Bielefeldt, Summers]
• Innovative UV approaches for treatment of water in small systems and rural communities [Summers]
• Resilience of urban water infrastructure to provide consistent water supplies [Corotis, Kasprzyk]
• Tailored water treatment for multi-objective reuse opportunities [Summers]
• Advanced treatment technologies for disinfecting water to potable standards [Hernandez]
• Sustainability of water infrastructure across diverse economic regions [Bielefeldt, Cook, Javernick-Will]
• Alternative oxidants for next generation water security [Rosario-Ortiz]